Here is the foundation work from which to launch your understanding of Low Back Problems.

From the sciences of anatomy and physiology to assessment and exercise interventions.

Previously, this course book had only been supplied to in-person attendees to the full weekend Lumbar Spine workshops. Now completely revised with added bonus lectures and exercise library.

  • 12 Chapters progressing you from injury mechanisms to weight-training solutions.
  • 210 page fully referenced Course Book
  • 3 hours of chapter related lectures.
  • 100+ exercise video library demonstrations to apply to your practice.

You don’t learn alone; you learn through community!

This is your community. Together we will work to enable you to become the career professional you always believed you could become.

Included in the Certifications and Mentorships:
Receive the Lumbar Spine Education Basics Course

Plus, Monthly:  Expanded topic lectures

                            Special Guest interviews

                            Case Studies

                            Research Paper discussions


                            Private Facebook Group and interaction.

Certification Exam at the end of the 12-month Mentorship.

* Private Mentoring Group receives: One hour of private mentoring by video call per month.


Who is Dr. Andrew D. Lock?

The Rehabilitation Professional that other professionals turn to for help.

Clients include Royalty and Celebrity, Law Enforcement and Military groups. Consulting to Major movie and recording artists, entertainment figures, pro sports, and Olympic competitors. For over 20 years Dr. Lock is the person they turn to, and trust, to find the answers to keep them at the top.

Graduating from both The University of Melbourne and La Trobe University he has made it his quest to produce the education for professionals that Universities have failed to provide.

Dr. Lock has provided in person rehabilitation, conference presentations, published research, and sold-out workshops across the globe for over 2 decades, from the United States, the Middle East, Asia, South America, New Zealand, and all states across Australia.He has presented workshops on rehabilitation with some of the greatest names in sports, medicine, and training such as Ed Coan (International Sports Hall of Fame, 71 World Records set), Sebastian Oreb (Strength Coach to Hafthor Bjornsson 2018 Worlds Strongest Man), Matt Wenning (3x World Champion Powerlifter and Sports Scientist) and Dr. David Johnson (Neurosurgeon).

His first international presentation was in 1992 at the Inaugural Conference of Cellular and Molecular Biology. Paris France. Was the Coordinator of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Australia Strength Summit 2019, and in 2023 was the Keynote Speaker at 5th International Conference on Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine. Bangkok, Thailand, created the Legendary Strength Summit with Gunnar Peterson, Don Saladino and Matt Wenning in Tennessee, USA, and received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Weight-Training Industry Specialists (SWIS).

Director ‚Äď College of Functional Movement Clinicians (CFMC). Since 2022.

In 2024 he will be heading the Lumbar Spine Leadership Academy, a mentorship program dedicated to creating Clinically Effective professionals in all areas of health and fitness.


  • Member of Australian Baseball Team ‚Äď World Youth Series.

  • Member of Australian Baseball Team ‚Äď Japanese Youth Friendship Series.

  • Selected to All Australian High School Cricket Team.

  • Bench Press World Record (Masters) GPA.

  • Bench Press National Record CAPO, WRPF, GPC.

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