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How to treat injury through movement and a long term approach to injury rehab and prevention.


Confidence in order to progress your career and stand out from other professionals in the industry.


Your practical and clinical experience. Improve programming skills for strength and hypertrophy.



Hi, we are Julie, Dani & Andrew

We are here to empower personal trainers and allied health professionals with the essential skills required to boost their confidence when working with clients and expand their expertise in gym-based training.

In 2019, Dani was searching for an in-depth analysis of her squat technique and knew Andrew was the right person to see. From the initial consultation, it was clear they both treated clients with the same philosophy: movement is medicine.

From this fortuitous meeting of like-minds and many discussions later, this brought about the collaboration of Andrew Lock and Dani Antonellos. With Julie being Andrew's wife, she naturally became part of the team, thus creating United Health Education.

With over 30 workshops being taught around Australia, UHE has established a reputation of excellence in the field of strength and rehabilitation for professionals.

As part of the United Health Education community, our mission is to bring together individuals who are driven by scientific knowledge and strength. Whether you're a healthcare professional in pursuit of professional development, or an individual striving to achieve personal excellence, we welcome you to join us in our growing community.


The United Health Education Membership is for health professionals and trainers just like you...

WBFF Bikini Competitor

I'm a transformation coach and WBFF Bikini Competitor.  I've had a lot of glute dysfunction myself as well as in my clients.  UHE is a really great sequence that's easy and applicable to all of my clients.  Really happy to have joined.


I'm a physiotherapist and I got a better understanding of glute rehab and pre-rehab.  Thanks to Andrew, Dani, and Julie for all the awesome knowledge.  


This has been such a good experience, with Andrew and Dani and being able to take the knowledge that they taught and being able to relay this onto my clients in our studio just to help them to increase their quality of life and live pain-free.  I recommend this to anyone who wants to be better coach and a better person in general.

Registered Nurse & IFBB Head Judge

I'm a registered nurse for 25 years and I've been in the fitness world for a while.  What I learned was amazing.  I can take what I've learned and implement it.  I'll be more efficient and pain free.

Therapist & PT

I really loved this training.  I'm a massage therapist and PT.  I learned a lot on the progressions and regressions that I can implement with my clients.  

Physio Master Student

I'm a physio master student and I cannot stress enough...what you're going to learn in this program you cannot find in Uni or there's really nowhere where someone puts together brain and brawn in a way that you can use it from your geriatric patients to your athletic populations. 

The United Health Education Membership exists to help trainers and allied professionals learn to treat injury through movement.

Distinguish yourself and elevate your programming skills to better cater to your clients' fitness objectives. Our membership provides you with a comprehensive toolkit to enhance your skill set and bolster your confidence when working with clients.
Gain exclusive access to a wealth of resources, including video tutorials, downloadable materials, and inspiring workshops, all designed to empower you to excel in your field and deliver exceptional results to your clients.


We Are Tired of Other Subpar Training Experiences Out There.

(Aren't you? Trust me, there's a lot of them out there)

The overpromise, and underdeliver. The so called "gurus", the empty promises. Professionals who don’t have their patient’s best interest at heart. Unfortunately, we've seen a lot of BS in the industry.

We are over it. And you probably are, too.
We've crafted proven, repeatable systems and strategies that will help you grow your knowledge so you can expand your client base in a way that feels authentic and aligned to who you are as a practitioner.

Here's what we mean...


Our Perspective Is Different Than Most Coaches

Too many online communities lack true connection and expert knowledge.

Too many memberships fail to provide actionable strategies that will help you get results.

Too many coaches lack diverse knowledge base nor have the experts who carry the wisdom to lead.

We Take A Holistic Approach To Your Business and Life

Consider United Health Education Your Digital Home Away From Home

The #1 community for fitness professionals and enthusiasts alike.   
Without the fluff, high-risk investment, or having to have it all figured out on day one.
If this sounds like you - We've got you covered. So to...
The fitness professional who wants to positively impact their clients with increased skills and knowledge.

Recent grads who want the best in Glute, Shoulder, and Lumbar Training.
The allied health professional who wants to stand out in a crowded market.

Welcome home. We're so happy you're here.

Which One Is False?

Can you guess which one usually prevents people from taking action?



With our proven strategies, videos, and system within United Health Education Membership starting + growing your fitness education is simple and easy.



Anyone can start + grow a clientele with the right amount of passion for what they do.  The coaching economy continues to grow, even when our economy is not.


There's a huge market and demand for fitness, coaching, and injury recovery type of services. You're leaving money on the table by not joining in to help people. With our simple roadmap, you can gain new skills in no time.



Learning specialized skills is LOW Risk, HIGH reward. The possibilities are endless with United Health Education Membership, you can start your fitness journey for as little as $48.

Glute Hypertrophy (n.)

Glute hypertrophy refers to the increase in the size and muscular development of the gluteal muscles, which are the muscles located in the buttocks. This is typically achieved through strength training exercises that specifically target the glutes, such as squats, lunges, deadlifts, and various types of leg lifts. The goal of glute hypertrophy is to build and shape the gluteal muscles, leading to a fuller, more rounded appearance and improved strength and functionality in activities such as walking, running, and lifting. It is a common goal in fitness and bodybuilding to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functional performance of the glutes.

Learn all about the glutes in our lectures!

Rehabilitation through movement is needed in the fitness industry.

It addresses the growing demand among individuals for comprehensive lower-body strength and aesthetics, offering a well-rounded approach to improving not only the appearance but also injury recovery and prevention.

Your Passion & Your Knowledge Can Transform Your Life and The Lives of Those Around You, When You Learn a Long Term Approach to Injury Rehab & Prevention.

If you want to...

Increase confidence with your clients.

Learn how to treat injury through movement.

Gain a long-term approach to injury rehab and prevention.

Amp up confidence in order to progress your career.

Stand out from other professionals in the industry.

Improve practical/ clinical experience.

Enhance your programming skills for strength and hypertrophy...

We'll teach you exactly how to start your training journey when you join the

United Health Education Membership


"Big shout out! I got a new job because of UHE..."

"I just wanted to reach out and let you know I've been offered a job in a new clinic working along side physios and osteos and the best part is they are really focused on rehab through strength (they even have a fully equipped weight/rehab room). I just wanted to give you a big shout out as a lot of what I have learnt regarding hands off rehab has been through UHE and I believe it's a big reason why I got the job."  - Alana 


It Doesn't Take Long To See Results From United Health Education Membership

...even if you're starting at ground 0.

Final Year Physio

I'm a final year physio, and it's a privilege to experience this.  Andrew and Dani really make taking care of your health effortless and they are the best at what they do.   

Personal Trainer

It was awesome!  I'm a personal trainer and this is really going to apply for my clients.  Everything I've learned is so informative and it's really going to help me out, 


I'm an Osteo and I really like the simplicity that was provided and how I can easily apply it to my patients in every day practice to get them feeling better without having to rely on manual therapy.

Start Before You're Ready

If your limiting beliefs are stopping you from moving forward, we totally get it. Cultivating confidence for what you do can be challenging but don't let it get in the way of your success...

"I'm not qualified yet to take this course."
"I don't have any experience."
"I worry of what people will think of me."
"I already have gone to school for this."
"I don't have time to learn this."
"I don't have money to do this."

Trust me - We've heard every iteration of this from coaching countless fitness people.'s the story we want to help you transcend so you can go to the next level

But here's the thing...

If You're Stuck Before You Even Begin - It's Not Your Fault

Without the proper guidance and roadmap to follow, it's easy to get lost by the tremendous amount of information we're being bombarded with. You could be battling...

➡️ Chasing Shiny Objects where you have lots of conflicting information but you're not sure which one to execute on.

➡️ Unresolved Mindset Blocks, limiting beliefs and unconscious and stuck patterns that continue to keep you where you're at (All untrue btw.)

➡️ Networking and Training Workshops that leave you feeling more confused than when you walked in.

➡️ Never-Ending Demands of life that leave you feeling burnt out to a point where you are starting to neglect your own training.

➡️ Feeling Stuck in the loop of studying without ever applying your knowledge due to never feeling ready or qualified enough.

Listen - We get it. Because we've been there too. But the good news is that your life is about to change for the better. MUCH BETTER.

We designed United Health Education Membership to help you overcome your roadblocks, clear the pathway for you, give you the map, and unlock all the training you need to widen your skillset.


There's So Much Value Packed In This $48 Membership

United Health Education Is More Than Just Another Membership

When you join United Health Education Membership, You'll Unlock...

50 Years Combined Experience

The Collaborators of UHE have over 50 years of experience in clinical practice and experience.

Worldwide Speakers

Our years of teaching health professionals with face to face workshops has made us highly sought after as guest speakers.

Special Workshops

We host private, members only online workshops, so you can get the insider scoop. Keep up with the BEST, right now.

24/7 Access

When you buy our membership you'll receive 24/7 access to the videos, templates, and downloads.  You'll always have what you need right at your fingertips.

Live Q&A Calls

Get your questions answered in real time and enjoy the benefits of getting your questions answered so your clients can get the most benefit.

Tools to Progress Your Career

Learn more from the United Health Education Membership than in University!  We challenge you to find a more comprehensive solution.


Our Approach To Fitness, Rehab, Mindset and Life Is Different (& It Works!)

If you're tired of trying systems where you're one of the herd, not being heard, or not getting the results what you came for...We get it!

Here's what sets us apart from the competition...

The United Health Education Membership Is Not For Everyone

We take pride in the community that we've built and we are not willing to let someone waste money on a membership that's not for them. United Health Education Membership is not for you if you are...

❌ A bro science dude...

❌ A person with NO desire to learn anything new.

❌ Professionals who DON’T believe exercise can help.

❌ Anyone who wants doesn't want to help other people.

❌ A person who doesn't believe success can be found in a clinical setting.







You Deserve To Stand Out In The Industry

When you join our membership program you'll have all the community, knowledge and support you need to transform into a highly educated fitness or allied health professional.

We can't wait to connect with you and support you on your fitness journey.


Unsure if the membership is for you?

Contact us here with any questions and we can help you.