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Foundations Rebuild

How to Squat Tutorial

The Ultimate Glute Toolkit

In order to achieve the best, pain-free results from your training and daily living, a strong foundation must be built.

Content includes:

  • Shoulder Pain
  • Hip and Knee Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Mastering Your Movement Patterns
  • Improving Your Posture
  • Muscle Activation

13 steps to go from never squatted to having a bar on your back!

  • Are you afraid to squat?
  • Do you have pain when you squat?
  • Are you confused about squatting?
  • Are you struggling to see progress?
  • Do you need more rehab knowledge for your clients?

Here is the Solution taught by world leading rehab educators!

  • Practitioners Who Lift.
  • Decades of clinical practice.
  • Clear, concise instructions.
  • In depth explanations so anyone can understand.
  • 13 Step-by-step Video Tutorials.

Is this you?

✓ Do you want to finally FEEL THE CONNECTION and GROW your Glutes?
✓ Are you FRUSTRATED with your lack of results?
✓ Do you experience any PAIN when training Glutes?
✓ Are you UNSURE of your training TECHNIQUE?
✓ Have you been BLAMING YOUR GENETICS for lack of results?
✓ Have all your efforts lead to being QUAD DOMINANT?
✓ Want to cease the ENDLESS EXPERIMENTING that doesn't work?

Our Secrets Revealed!

✓ SHAPE your glutes with the MOST EFFECTIVE exercises.
✓ Be SMART and learn the HOW and WHY to your training.
✓ Train PAIN FREE.
✓ UP TO DATE scientific information at your fingertips.
✓ TAKE CONTROL of your results.
✓ Be CONFIDENT in the gym and look like a PRO.

The exact order, sets and reps in which we prescribe these exercises.

Coaches, you won’t have to shy away from your client’s pain any more. Teach them how to move pain free and become strong!

Gym goers, use the fundamentals in this guide to help improve your training to achieve your strength, hypertrophy and performance goals.

Learn the how and why of your training and movements in this educational guide.